One thing to protect your privacy & anonymity.

Protect yourself with this one thing. The FBI & US government have been stealing people’s cash while raiding lockbox companies in the world known Beverly Hills.

“The government’s theory is that having cash makes you a presumptive criminal, and I think every American should be worried about that,” said Johnson, an attorney at the libertarian Institute for Justice in Virginia.

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So the same thing goes for your computer & smartphones files and uploads online on social media, Imgur, file bb, Google Drive, and the rest.

Every second, your uploaded files are getting scanned, and you are being databased and categorized if you’re a good person or a murderer.

Companies like Palantir allow your information to get analyzed across multiple social media companies & governments that do not work with each other in the name of law enforcement like the LAPD—even going as far as justifying racist policing with this privacy intrusion.

John McAfee didn’t get murdered, but he committed suicide because he knew too much, and they would throw him in prison in the USA after they deported him. He was crazy but is an example of a government’s use of power. The great dragon that consumes all of us from taxes to death.

Julian Assange & Edward Snowden let the world know of misdeeds done by governments worldwide and on our American soil. They let us all know we were being watched, databased, and analyzed, and Julian shared the data. The release got called treason to have told everyone what the government had been up to all these years.

Protect yourself and maintain your freedom as a sovereign woman or man in this great country of America. 

Contribute by using the decentralized unlimited cloud storage USB called Decentrafile; learn more here:

We are making decentralized anonymous unlimited free uploads and medium-term storage accessible to everyone globally.

Your files are never stored anywhere at upload and get broken into pieces of unrecognizable encrypted bits and bytes. The files bits and bytes components get stored across all the peers in the network, and no one knows what bits they have of the files. 

Anyone can be a gateway. The service cannot be murdered or censored.

The only way they see or download the uploads is to use your key. 

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There are no accounts—just a one-time payment of $34.99 to upload files from your computer with our USB.

Or you can risk using our free online version. We don’t save your files, but you can’t promise your ISP, or someone isn’t watching what you’re doing.

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