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The stabilization of sovereign power in the global world’s quest of statecraft relies on anonymity and privacy to persevere the freedom of all peoples’ dissent from the powers-that-be & the powers-to-be.

Our mission is a quest for a stable world without the patronage of classical politics and classical governance of peoples.

As educated global citizens, we’ve studied these historical texts and accounts of what’s left-over from the Victors in history. We’ve been learning over 20 years as students and longer as older scholars & maintainers. We are not ignorant of pasts. 

We’ve witnessed through these remaining historical texts forms of governments tyranny globally for millennia. The transference of analog offline to digital online implementations of censorship, suspension, banning & deletion.

Allowing an open gateway for the powers-to-be without the powers-that-be obstructing the desires, wants, and needs of the people’s dissent.  

Anonminty and privacy have been the battle in the information technology sector globally. Governments using firewalls to control Network Access Transmissions (NATs) from an ISP level or an actual hub connected to the rest of the world’s submarine cable systems; they make up the global internet as we know it. 

Technologies have spawned to ensure the past does not keep repeatedly happening: tor browser, virtual private networks, blockchain, cryptocurrency, encryption algorithms, decentralized signaling protocols for communications, WebRTC for a browser to browser communications & decentralized file storage.

We’ve created Decentrafile. Decentrafile is not a technology in itself. It is an accessible way to upload and view all files extensions anonymously and privately through a decentralized file storage system called the inter-planetary file system. We put it on a USB drive.

Many decentralized file storage companies exist, such as, ArDrive, and newly funded companies daily. They all require usernames, passwords, payment details for subscriptions, and one-time fees. They have exclusive networks of miners they make deals with themselves who need to keep getting paid to ensure long-term storage. As decentralized as it may be, it’s not private. It’s still mutable, and it’s not anonymous. You can ultimately get censored. If you get kicked off their network, you can’t access your files. You cannot get kicked off IPFS, and Anyone can run a gateway node to support file uploads and file storage longevity.

Allowing for anonymous private accessible upload and transfer regardless of whether it is temporarily stored or long-term is of utmost importance to an ensured world where state-crafting that causes genocide, slaughter, and tyranny cannot censor its misdeeds. 

Allowing for anonymous private accessible upload and transfer ensures the power-to-be and the powers-that-be an equal playing field to become what ultimately will become.

Progress can only happen if everyone is on an even playing field where neither sides data can be: censored, deleted, suspended, removed, edited, or banned.

The future can only get secured if once a Victor has claimed the winning of wars can no longer erase the past and re-write history. Control currency, and remove historical objects from the decentralized storage ethers. 

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