Decentrafile USB Now on Sale for $34.99

decentralized file storage usb

This USB is called a Bit. This Bit is your key to uploading unlimited amounts of files to the decentralized cloud storage system IPFS for free. You can get your Decentrafile USB at

No accounts are required. No registration. We are giving you privacy.

Each Bit is identical to other Bits. The way we clone the USB drives makes them similar to the very first seed USB key. There is no way to tell the difference between USB drives. Even their IDs are the same. These are untraceable. They are not trackable. True anonymity. True privacy. No links to you. All the USBs are Bit for Bit the same. Each Bit has 131072000 bytes; they’re identical. Suppose your USB bytes are different. It’s a fake.

You now can use your macOS or Windows desktop and not our website or someone else’s who could store your files on their servers in the middle of sending them to the IPFS network. Feel even more secure.

You can upload from your computer straight to IPFS from the USB drive.

Your uploads do not get saved on the USB. What gets saved are keys in a .txt file. You get prompted to download after an upload on the app.

The app runs through the internet web browser running the website files stored on the USB. You cannot see them. If you’re a developer, this project is open-source, though. Enjoy reviewing the code.

This upload gets done through a web app called Decentrafile that loads on your computer without connecting to any websites. Very private.

You can store these .txt files on your USB drive or anywhere you’d like. You can organize them with folders on your USB, too, like actual files.

When you want to share, view the file or download them to your computer. You put your file key at the end of our URL and visit.

Suppose someone doesn’t have the key (called a hash) of your file. The files are never actually stored anywhere. So they won’t know it exists. Read more at

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