DMCA Notice to Users

Choice Internet Brands, Inc owns (“Decentafile”) and aims to comply with DMCA fully. However, Choice Internet Brands, Inc (“Decentafile”) is not operating the servers to store uploads in a file format.

File uploads get stored in unrecognizable immutable pieces across thousands of other people’s computers called nodes. No file is ever actually uploaded. The files get broken into pieces. The file doesn’t exist in complete form anywhere without its content ID to view on the IPFS network. If it gets pinned to a node, you run yourself, or someone else running the IPFS network knows it is essential and saves it from being cleared out during a cache purge on the node network.

We respect any copyrighted or trademarked work, and we are entirely against the illegal sharing of copyrighted and trademarked work. Any IPFS Content ID Hash will get sent immediately upon receiving a valid DMCA notice to the pinning service responsible for pinning content for Decentafile. Hence, the IPFS network of nodes knows it is essential and that it should not get deleted. They will remove will unpin content ID, and they are responsible for the content getting unpinned so that the content will get deleted lost.

We are determined to respond to all DMCA and ABUSE reports and take action in 24 hours at most.

A DMCA notice should include the following items :

An electronic or physical signature of the copyrighted work owner (or authorized person)

A description of the copyrighted work, including the URL where this infringing content is available or a copy of it

Your contact details: email address, telephone, and address

A statement in “good faith belief” that the copyright owner does not authorize the work

A statement by you, the person who sends the takedown notice, that the information you send in the message (above information) is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or you are authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf

Send this notice to

When we receive the notice and approve that it is valid, we cannot block access to the file or send the user a message that it has got blocked. will get sent a Counter Notification Form, and they can unpin it.

We may also limit access from our Site subdomains to the content id.

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