The Failure Points in Decentralized Storage

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Suppose you read the blog feature How Our Free Decentralized Cloud Storage Works. Then you already know how the decentralized web works too. Every creation of magic has some circumstance of failure.

The link you use is to observe content on the IPFS file storage system after you’ve uploaded it.

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The link is a subdomain whose DNS has an A Record pointed to the Official IPFS servers gateway node. We do not run a node on Decentrafile. Not running a node is a tremendous reason we could make IPFS file storage & file viewing accessible. Decentrafile is just a simple UI making IPFS accessible to you and anyone interested.

Decentrafile could forget to pay their hosting fees, or the almighty web host could ban us. You could imagine the government confiscating our domains. Our DNS information could fail. Our servers could get hacked, and the domain A Record getting pointed elsewhere.

Your uploads are still a part of the network, though, in those little sharded unrecognizable cryptographic pieces. Maybe the official IPFS gateway node gets hacked, and our link doesn’t work anymore. You’d think that would break the system. It won’t! Viva la Decentralization!

The good news is that if you read How Our Free Decentralized Cloud Storage Works, you’d know anyone can spin up a public gateway for everyone to use. Here is a list of those beautiful saints of humans that did it for us all That is the public gateway list, so you always have access to your files—however, a security issue and word of advice. Only use our link to and the official gateways. Our URL is their URL.

Maybe a global government will have all the ISP’s (internet service providers) censor the entire IPFS network. Shutting down the decentralized network will cause national security issues for those darned governments. 

The excellent news is that IPFS nodes will be run from anywhere globally on almost any web hosting provider. Many people are running nodes from their personal computers. Shutting off access to all of those individual providers creates a national security issue. Anyone can spin up a node in a few seconds, here is how

What would happen if people stopped storing data? That would not occur unless Filecoin became worthless and was no longer tradable or fungible. You can read more about and how it gets used to incentivize people storing your tiny shards of information scattered about the network of thousands of nodes throughout the world.

Suppose the pinning services stopped pinning your content to let the IPFS network know how it was necessary. That could lead to your files not being hosted by a node, leading to it vanishing. You can pin your information to the network by running a node yourself if you worry.

Help secure the future, help stop government corruption and corporate control. Would you please contribute to the metaverse by making it more accessible? Only you can help change the world by decentralizing it.

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